I am a senior psychology major and English minor at Boston University, graduating in January 2018. I took Basic Photography for Non-Majors, for which this blog was created, as a fun elective before I graduate.

I do psychological research at BU, and for Involved Inc.

For BU, I run a study that I conceived, and created with the help of my advisor, Dr. Ericka Wells, on how mindfulness can affect relationship satisfaction as it applies to journaling (expressive writing).

Involved Inc. is a startup created by BU ’17 graduates with the concept of an app, and other communicative ways, where you can direct message your local government officials. This includes questions you have, and taking polls on what your local government officials want to know from the citizens. As a psychological researcher for the company, I run studies with the other psych researcher to determine things like who might use the app. As of now, the app and other services are not yet released. Go check out their website here, and you can sign up to participate in the alpha testing.

I also write articles for The Tab, which is a youth online news source. I specifically write for The Tab BU and Babe, The Tab’s woman’s vertical. The Tab is a mix between Buzzfeed and Vice written by college students from across the United States and the United Kingdom. I write articles from profiles about people to Instagram views, to and current events. You can find my author profile with all my stories here.

I will continue doing my research at BU once I graduate this upcoming January (2018). After college, I hope to get a job doing psychological research for a couple years in Boston, MA before applying to Ph.D. programs for Social Psychology.